Professional Bull Riders results of 2012 Dickies Iron Cowboy III

Professional Bull Riders results of 2012 Dickies Iron Cowboy III


Arlington, Texas – J.B. Mauney’s wild ride on Bushwacker lasted 7.22 seconds, enough to make him the Professional Bull Riders Dickies Iron Cowboy III champion in front of 31,148 fans at Cowboys Stadium on Saturday night.

The world’s best bull remains unridden in 40 straight outs, but Mauney got the last laugh with the $50,000 prize and Iron Cowboy III title.

“That’s the seventh time that bull has thrown me off, and eventually, one of these days, I’m going to ride him,” Mauney said. “At least we’re getting closer to [eight seconds] every time I ride him.”

Via PBR:

Saturday’s Professional Bull Rider Built Ford Tough Series Results DickiesĀ® Iron Cowboy III Invitational presented by WinStar World Casino Results from Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas

Round 1

(1) Silvano Alves advances with bye. (17) Renato Nunes, 5.28 seconds, d. (16) Harve Stewart, 3.19 seconds. (8) Ryan McConnel advances with bye. (9) Marco Eguche, 86.75 points, d. (24) Stormy Wing, 2.69 seconds. (4) Fabiano Vieira advances with bye. (13) Ty Pozzobon, 7.75 seconds d. (20) Caleb Sanderson, 7.01 seconds. (5) Austin Meier advances with bye. (12) Jordan Hupp, 87 points, d. (21) Sean Willingham, 3.00 seconds. (2) Valdiron de Oliveira advances with bye. (15) Kody Lostroh, 6.20 seconds, d. (18) Cord McCoy, 5.74 seconds. (7) L.J. Jenkins advances with bye. (23) Justin Koon, 88.5 points, d. (10) Luke Snyder, 6.86 seconds. (3) Guilherme Marchi advances with bye. (19) Ryan Dirteater, 5.35 seconds, d. (14) Cody Nance, 4.91 seconds. (6) J.B. Mauney advances with bye. (22) Jory Markiss, 5.55 seconds, d. (11) Aaron Roy, 4.76 seconds.

Round 2

Nunes, 89 points, d. Alves, 2.51 seconds. Eguche, 4.40 seconds, d. McConnell, 3.88 seconds. Pozzobon, 88 points, d. Vieira, 86.25 points. Meier, 7.72 seconds, d. Hupp, 3.93 seconds. Oliveira, 86 points, d. Lostroh, 3.67 seconds. Koon, 6.25 seconds, d. Jenkins, 6.01 seconds. Marchi, 70 points, d. Dirteater, 5.11 seconds. Mauney, 86.5 points, d. Markiss, 3.86 seconds.


Eguche, 85 points, d. Nunes, 3.28 seconds. Meier, 91 points, d. Pozzobon, 5.45 seconds. Oliveira, 5.22 seconds, d. Koon, 2.85 seconds. Mauney, 6.39 seconds, d. Marchi, 1.54 seconds.


Meier, 5.06 seconds, d. Eguche, 3.10 seconds. Mauney, 4.73 seconds, d. Oliveira, 2.56 seconds.


Mauney, 7.22 seconds on Bushwacker (Julio Moreno / Richard Oliveira), d. Meier, 5.66 seconds, on Asteroid (Circle T Ranch& Rodeo).

$50,000 Bonus

Buckey (Wentz Bucking Bulls) d. Mauney, 3.04 seconds.

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